Sex and Sensibility: It’s all about the oral

sex and sensibility

By Jennifer Constable , Web Editor


It was a perfectly peaceful Sunday morning. I was sitting in my bed, still wrapped up in my duvet, nursing a mug of sweet tea, and scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, accompanied only by the steady whirring sound of my overheating laptop, and the dulcet tones of Smooth Radio from downstairs. That’s when I saw it; lurking inconspicuously between the viral cat videos and countless, tedious status updates, there it was: a TAB article, brazenly entitled ‘Why I Don’t Go Down on Girls.’

I was shocked, so taken aback I (almost) spilled my tea over my squirrel-patterned pyjamas. I was more than confused; I was speechless and spent the duration of the morning trawling through the piece with a fine-toothed comb and a heavy heart. To paraphrase its content, the gist of the article was that the fella in question, in his first (or so he says) experience of giving oral, went down a girl, and was so evidently gifted at it, that the lucky lass climaxed and came on his face in a “hot, sticky, wet jet of piss”, to his intense displeasure, whereupon he vowed never to go down on a girl again. A colossal loss to women everywhere, I’m sure.

It got me thinking about the act of oral sex as a whole, specifically, whether or not, there’s still a taboo attached to it? For me, and many other girls I assume, oral is an intimate and vital part of the sexual experience. However, for those less experienced in matters “down-under”, some of the finer details of the act can be daunting, particularly the legendary urban myth of “the smell”.

Cleanliness, it’s needless to say, is expected whenever you’re about to engage in oral with a partner, however, time and time again I hear stories, about how the overwhelming female odour puts them off even venturing near the nether regions. Lets get one thing straight; vaginas, like penises, have their own unique smell. We’re humans, we sweat, it’s inevitable. You could argue it’s the heady aroma that makes giving head so sexy; it’s a sensual act, after all. The smell is part of the deal, and shouldn’t be in any way overpowering or “disgusting”; and if it is, that’s probably symptomatic of a more serious health problem.

It’s a fact that it’s more difficult from girls to climax than it is for guys; actual penetrative sex is either a hit or a miss (quite literally… and without a doubt, needs the right amount of foreplay before it can even be contemplated), hence why, for girls especially, oral is the holy gateway to the orgasm. I’d have thought there’d be nothing sexier than a girl cumming on your face as you ravage her intimate area- shouldn’t that be the ultimate aim of having sex anyway, to make each other feel good? It’s the double standards that get me though; male, or female, if you can’t stomach the idea of going down on your partner; don’t expect them to extend the favour to you.