Single Review: The Darkness – ‘Open Fire’

The Darkness Single Review


Yes, this is The Darkness you’re thinking of. The catsuited, glam rock heroes who took the world by storm back in 2003 have returned for their new album ‘Last Of Our Kind’, which follows up 2012’s reunion album ‘Hot Cakes’ and is the first with new drummer Emily Dolan-Davies. Apart from the intro, which channels 80’s goth bands like The Cult and The Sisters of Mercy, the song is pretty much what you’d expect from The Darkness: loud guitars, thumping drums, incredibly over the top lyrics. However, Justin Hawkins has gone for a drastically different vocal approach, almost sounding like a different singer entirely, giving the vocals a fresh feel amongst the comfortable familiarity of the music. So, basically, The Darkness have knocked it out of the park yet again and with songs like this one and the Nordic themed ‘Barbarian’, the upcoming album is all but guaranteed to be a bonafide classic. Long live The Darkness!d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);