Album review: Chase & Status – Brand New Machine

by Stella Yanakieva


The British duo Chase&Status released their third studio album this October, an album that took them almost 2 years to finish. Truth to be told, it was worth waiting for it. ‘Brand New Machine’ is a colourful blend of different genres, featuring a lot of new artists, including Moko, Louis M^ttrs, and Elli Ingram, as well as more established artists like Nile Rodgers, Major Lazer, Pusha T, and Bo Saris.

As the lead single of the album, ‘Lost & Found’ presents the vocals of Louis M^ttrs to create a truly beautiful song and one of many in the album. With its beats of energy and lyrics reminiscent of the past, this track becomes highly addictive. The drum’n’bass duo bring us back to their golden years of success only to remind us that they are here. They are definately back.

Jazzy strings with the occasional chance of rock beats and sharp vocals, ‘Heaven Knows’ comes from a James-Bond-like-atmosphere to take you on a swiftly changing intense journey. A very powerful composition of orchestra sounds, flying guns in your imagination and the striking voice of the talented Elli Ingram. This song is the perfect mix between Selah Sue’s ‘This World’ and Alicia Key’s ‘Another Day To Die’ with Jack White. And again, could you imagine Chase&Status doing a piece like that? Always full of surprises.

Another new artist who appears in the album is Moko. Being featured in two songs, she simply cannot be missed. First, ‘Count On Me’ blows you away with its positive hype and strong vocals. And few songs after that, ‘Like That’ comes as a lyrical confession in search of a redemption. It is a song quite different than the usual Chase&Status, but once again they build a very emotional background for the gifted Moko to rule over your consciousness.

‘Brand New Machine’ also shows a ghetto side, with the hip hop vibes of ‘Gangsta Boogie’, as well as a disco atmosphere with ‘Deeper Devotion’. ‘Pressure’, the track with Major Lazer, shows some similarities with ‘No Problem’ but somehow fails to reach it when it comes to strength.


Last but not least, the track with Bo Saris, ‘Breathing’, is definitely on a mission to leave you breathless. A mesmerizing piece of the album, it is a song that unfolds slowly, carefully displaying bits of beauty until you’re completely overwhelmed with amazement. In other words, a tune that serves as a reminder why so many people fell in love with this music.

Chase&Status are definitely not what they used to be, even if they kept part of their original sound. They are developing, adding different layers to their music; being absolutely wonderful as always. ‘Brand New Machine’ has its ups and downs, but it is indeed a complex, very coloured, and beautiful album, a true collection of treasures. It is another good album for the loyal fans, but also a good start for those who are just discovering the charming and succesful British duo of drum’n’bass music.